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When your boiler system starts showing any of the following signs you may need a very unique and effective resolution called power flushing.

  • Your Boiler makes banging noises or cuts out
  • A fluctuation between hot or cold in your hot taps
  • A radiator that remains cold at the top
  • Or a radiator that bleeds black water

Power flushing is a recommended solution for these problems that affect your boiler and prevent it from working in top condition.

Power flushing works exactly how it sounds. The Power Flush machine is situated outside the premises and connected by a series of tubes to the boiler and all the connected pipes. A cleaning solution is then pumped through the entire system. It is imperative to get the right cleaning chemicals depending on the system to ensure that there is no damage to the boiler or the connected tubing. The cleaning fluid then removes debris and sludge in the central heating system. This, in turn, increases the life of the boiler and the entire system. We ensure that we implement an in-built magnet in our flushing machines to maximize the effect of cleansing.

Once the cleaning is complete, it usually takes a day. We at City Heat in Portsmouth, highly recommend installing a magnetic filter to maintain the cleanliness of your central heating system. This filter will be given a full cleaning every year when you have your annual maintenance conducted for your boiler.